Art Week


Art Week

Finally after almost two years Amsterdam is slowly and cautiously beginning to loosen restrictions. Galleries and museums are reopening and art lovers are excited. For the next ten days Amsterdam will be buzzing with exhibitions, art tours, studio tours and performances throughout the heart of the city. Within the art district you can find many small galleries that promote talent. Studio Hart is in the center of the art district and we are lucky to be able to revisit the many art galleries in the bustling neighborhood. Tip: Gallery Bildhalle is located on the Hazenstraat and I loved the work by Douglas Mandry, worth checking out.

The summer edition of Art Fair Amsterdam is a shared space hosting a group of unique and special Antique and Art Galleries at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. From June 17-20.

Art Zuid will have its 7th edition this year. The sculpture exhibition will be ready for visitors and tours starting July 1st. Strolling through Amsterdam Zuid’s beautiful gardens with as many as 50 sculptures, a platform used to highlight the talents of national and international artists and making art assessable to everyone.

Amsterdam is known for its wonderful cultural events, try and take some of the ¬†art and culture that’s going on throughout the city this week. Free admittance for everyone and great way to spend a day in the city.

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