Like any other woman I just love shoes, especially ankle boots and sneakers because they are the most comfortable to wear. I really love high heels, but I just don’t like walking on them during day-time, I feel overdressed really fast by wearing them so only at diners and parties you’ll see me on high heels.

However, sometimes time changes……. a good friend of mine has a well-known shoe shop in Den Bosch ‘La Porta Schoenen’, he has a great eye for new trends and is most of the time the first to show them.

I found these cute ankle boots from K&S at his shop and fell in love with them because of the model and the army green leopard print (I love leopard prints), totally my style. But the most wonderful detail about this bootie is the heel, it is not that high, but it still looks very sexy don’t you think?
I might just wear these ones in day-time :)

Thank you La Porta!!
K&S, €270,00 by www.laportaschoenen.nl


La Porta, Visstraat 4, 5211 DN Den Bosch, Netherlands, 073-613 0500



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